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Community Library designed by Kensho Keith

My name is Keith and I’m a 26 year old black man from Georgia. I grew up about an hour outside of Atlanta, in a suburb called Canton. My hobbies include drawing, reading, skateboarding, soccer, basketball, and nature walks. I like to write about many topics, including love, society, race, and philosophy.

I began writing as an outlet. I felt I had a lot to say, but as a child, life hammered home that my voice didn’t matter. To my family, to my teachers, to my peers. Eventually my voice didn’t matter to me either. So I hid.

I hid behind walls of jokes and false confidence. My confidence wasn’t in myself, but was gained through outside validation. Securing good grades, being good at sports. But my high school was 95% white, and I couldn’t figure out why, no matter how nice I was, how much I accomplished, I never felt respected. Never felt appreciated. …

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“Contemplative Black Man” by Siviwe Kapetyn

The sun comes up,
I follow its lead.
I head to the mirror,
Gotta brush my teeth.
I look in the mirror and who do I see?
Me… Just me.

Now it’s time for school.
Time for some human interaction.
“You’re one of the good black people”
Well shit… Didn’t know you knew them all…
What kind of compliment is that…
Whatever, dude is wack.

“You’re a credit to your race”
The audacity…
To say that to my face,
As if this black skin was mix and match,
And I could somehow make a choice to erase or replace.

“You’re not really black”
And what makes you say that?
Cause the black people you see on TV don’t represent…

We’ve lost our ultimate purpose in a world obsessed with possessions.

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I know people today are misguided.
I’m taking ancient wisdom we’ve been provided,
making the vision more than just improvising,
my ways based on the current ways of the world.

They say diamonds and pearls
how you climb in this world.
But I know it’s not true.

I’ve seen righteous impoverished
and the rich with no clue.

From a young age,
knew the balance was off.
Every talent revolved,
around validation from animals surrounding the trough.

Nourishment from a fixed perspective.

Grew up unknowingly misdirected.
Confidence only allowed if approved by the next pig.
Or the next kid.
Or the test kit. …

This attack on the Capitol surprised no one who’s been paying attention.

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Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Capitol Punishment.

Seeing the aftermath
of who we let run the ship.

People acting surprised
like this hasn’t been the script.

Have to surmise
only because it’s been to your benefit.

Dark times for dark skin,
best believe we remember it.

There are two Americas,
we’re not granted membership.

I’m really scared of how
y’all go deaf then claim ignorance.

I guess if y’all wasn’t listening,
you get to claim innocence.

How many times did you ignore our messages?
Tell us stop complaining,
that America is the best it gets.

Blood stains this soil.
My ancestors left flesh in this.

They’re testing their rhetoric. …

We can do a better job of understanding our thought processes and how they affect our perception.

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Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

People want to connect but everyone’s so afraid. So afraid of being vulnerable, of being hurt, they aren’t truly capable of letting someone else in.

I think the real issue is people don’t let themselves in. Their true selves. Not the self created by society. The perverted portrayal of self they use to navigate this fake life we’ve created in the modern world.

We live in an irrational society obsessed with the guise of being governed by rational thought. And then don’t understand why so many people are confused and lost. How can we feign ignorance, when we know our society is racist, sexist, and elitist? …

I never expected to see the new year without you.

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Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Writing resolutions…

I thought you’d be here beside me,
but we found dissolution
before long nights and the ice seen.

Talks of kids,
talks of love,
talks of perfect timing.

Empty words.

Hollow homes to try and find peace.

Had me on my knees.
Praying to not despair
when seeing crime scenes.

Soles still finding air...
Can’t stay grounded on these fine streets.

I didn’t know you were a drug…
Still don’t regret that trek for ice cream.

Every breath with you confined me,
to ingest you through an IV. …

The app’s encouragement of egocentric and uninformed opinions was eroding my sanity.

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Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

I had to delete Twitter because it legitimately bothers me. And I know that it shouldn’t…

Or I guess that’s the wrong way to look at it, because what bothers you, bothers you. But you should be able to clearly get to the root of the annoyance and see why. At least that’s what all these damn books on meditation have been telling me. And those books haven’t led me wrong thus far, so I tend to give them credence.

So why does Twitter bother me?

Twitter has become a place people no longer use to communicate, which ironically, is the basic idea behind the application. It seems people more so use Twitter to give themselves the illusion their opinion matters more than everyone else’s. …

A delightful listen for NBA junkies and casual fans alike, Zach Lowe packs his podcast with great insight and enlightening information.

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Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The Lowe Post is a great podcast for all basketball fans, but is particularly rewarding for those searching for a deeper understanding of the NBA. Zach Lowe uses his ESPN platform to bring in distinguished basketball intellects and have in depth discussions about what takes place on and off the court. He interviews players, coaches, general managers, announcers and more.

The Lowe Post has a refreshing ability to dive past the superficial level of basketball talk you hear elsewhere. Many TV shows trot out the same tired tropes. “Is this player clutch?” ”Is this player a superstar? Not only will they refuse to define what these vague terms actually mean, they will then proceed to yell at each other for ten minutes, while only tangentially discussing anything that happens while the ball is in play. Zach is still a journalist, so he might present those questions as well, but he will frame his understanding of what those terms mean to him, and then answer with informed opinions and numerical analysis. Rather than impersonating that old guy in the barbershop who thinks he’s right because he talks louder than everyone else. I love that in The Lowe Post, Zach’s basketball opinions revolve around what affects a team’s ability to win games. His realism about how hard it is, not only to win in the NBA, but to play at all, helps provide context that leads to a greater appreciation for what these men do during the course of a season. …

Touch people or touch money? What are you trying to put your hands on…

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Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

I can’t trust him…

Cause he everything he wants,
it must end.

Fleeting happiness
comes from much sin.

Needy grabbiness…
It must end.

Think you’ll feel right
you touch gems?

When you reach that goal,
what then?

Did you sell your soul
to the punch in?

Working how you were told
so you can touch m’s.

Break from reality
when your lunch ends.

Know the fool’s fallacy…
they rush in.

Concern the tally seen
on the front end.

Don’t think about family,
how it could crush them.

You won’t gain amnesty
when you clutch gems.

Surprised if they’re managing
to trust him. …



The essence of spirituality is contentment. Know yourself and heal your universe. Kensho- To see one’s nature. Corruption causes justice to appear as insanity.

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