Student. Teacher. Artist. Philosopher. Humanist. Poet. Ronin. Human Being.

Community Library designed by Kensho Keith

“Contemplative Black Man” by Siviwe Kapetyn

We’ve lost our ultimate purpose in a world obsessed with possessions.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Find the joy in all life brings.

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

Bees work, they don’t appreciate. They do what they were told.

Realize how long a second truly lasts.

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Open yourself up to the possibilities of more.

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

Are you blind out of comfort, out of spite, or out of ignorance?

Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash

I can’t be in a constant state of rage. They don’t deserve to take away my happiness.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

Kensho Keith

The essence of spirituality is contentment. Know yourself and heal your universe. Kensho- To see one’s nature. Corruption causes justice to appear as insanity.

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